Definition of high precision patterns and structures on wafer, using lithography, is obtained with two main equipment:

Electron Beam VECTOR HB6 HR defines submicron and deep submicron process features definitions with the following reference parameters:

  • Thermal Field Emission (TFE) electron gun
  • High energy column (max 100kV)
  • 25 MHz pattern generator
  • 18 bits beam deflection
  • Maximum field size 0.524mm @100kV, 0.819mm @50kV
  • Laser interferometer stage positioning correction
  • Laser height measurement on substrate
  • 32 levels dose assignment
  • Temperature & mechanical vibration control
  • Minimum linewidth: 30 nm ±20% (100μm field size @100keV)
  • Stitching and overlay accuracy: ≤40 nm mean + 3 sigma (500μm field size @100keV)
  • 12-wafer air-lock capacity
  • Piece-parts to 8’’ wafers, 6’’ mask capability


KARL SUSS MA6 BA6 defines large patterns >0,7 μm and uses optical exposure system with tool set at 365nm and has a guaranteed resolution of 0,7 μm . The system has the process capability to align front to back wafer surface with alignment accuracy ≤+/-1.5 μm