The fundamental capacity to etch both dielectric materials and the silicon layer and substrate is performed utilizing two different technologies, plasma dry etching and wet etching using two different equipment:

OMEGA MORI SPTS system utilizes plasma-etching technology. It combines a high plasma source and a standard RF system in order to achieve structures with high aspect ratio up to 1:10 in a submicron range up to 0,25 μm. The system is also capable to define deep sub-micron structures >50 nm with aspect ratio of 1:1.

Different gas mixtures are used depending on materials:

  • C4F8/CH2F2 for dielectric etching
  • SF6 /O2 for silicon layer

The system can automatically load up to 25 wafers and, once loaded, wafers are electrostatically clamped with good thermal contact achieved by He flow in a wide range of temperature: -20°C – +40°C .

TMAH REACTOR equipment is used for wet etching technology. It allows anisotropic Silicon etching to define high accuracy 3D structure X-Y and Z controlled +/-1.5 μm up to 400 μm reference features.