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Inphotec to host workshop on PIC testing on 16-17 February 2017

The need to improve, speed up, and reduce cost of assembly of photonics integrated circuits is in constant debate, but as production numbers increase another need is attracting more attention: testing.
Testing can be performed at wafer level, on singulated chips, as well as on fully assembled device, and requires the combination of more conventional electrical probing and optical measurements.
Primary scope of the event is to discuss and list requirements, differentiating also where, how, and what has to be tested in the whole PICs manufacturing chain.  The discussion will range from probing techniques, handling, test procedures and also touch briefly the needs and requirements for dedicated modular instrumentation.

The workshop is hosted by Inphotec, sponsored by Ficontec and organised by EPIC. It will be held the 16-17 of February 2017 at Inphotec premises in Via Moruzzi, 1 – CNR area, PISA (Italy).

For more details please contact EPIC at this link

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