The fundamental capacity to etch both dielectric materials and the silicon layer and substrate is performed utilizing two different technologies, plasma dry etching and wet etching using two different pieces of equipment:


OMEGA MORI SPTS system utilizes plasma-etching technology.

It combines a high plasma source and a standard RF system in order to achieve structures with high aspect ratio up to 1:10 in a submicron range up to 0.25 µm. The system is also capable to define deep sub micron structures >50 nm with aspect ratio of 1:1.

Different gas mixtures are used depending on materials:

C4F8/CH2F2 for dielectric etching;
SF6 /O2 for silicon layer;
The system can automatically load up to 25 wafers and, once loaded, wafers are electrostatically clamped with good thermal contact achieved by He flow in a wide range of temperature: -20°C – +40°C.

TMAH REACTOR  equipment is used for wet etching technology.

It allows anisotropic silicon etching to define high accuracy 3D structure X-Y and Z controlled +/-1.5 µm up to 400 µm reference features.