The Graphene Integrated Photonics is the next-generation photonic platform that enables high-performance optical devices.

Graphene is a 2D material grown through a Chemical Vapour Deposition process.

Graphene can be transferred onto a variety of dielectric substrates with a transfer process that preserves the ‘as grown’ carrier mobility.

Transfers on SiN or Si Photonics circuits permits the realization of active building blocks as high-speed Electro-Absorption Modulators, Phase Modulators, and Photodetectors.

INPHOTEC performs single-crystals and continuous film graphene growth integration through proprietary and protected processes including:

  • CVD graphene growth process
  • semi-dry transfer process
  • hBN encapsulation process
  • dielectric deposition process
  • metallization process

Key equipment (installation available and planned):

  • BM6 CVD system
  • Semi-automated transfer tool
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • RIE system
  • e-Beam