This machine defines large patterns >0.7 µm and uses optical exposure system with tool set at 365 nm and has a guaranteed resolution of 0,7 µm. The system has the process capability to align front to back wafer surface with alignment accuracy  ≤+/-1.5 µm


FILMTEK 4000E-IR system measures the optical material properties of the deposited film (key parameters for process control). It features:

  • Spectroscopic reflection at one grazing angle, in the 380nm-1700nm wavelength range
  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry capability, with Rotating Compensator, at one grazing angle in the 380nm-1700nm wavelength range
  • Two Visible CCD detectors covering at least the 380nm-950nm range, with a minimum of 2000 elements, with simultaneous data gathering capability
  • Simultaneos collection of all the normal angle reflection data, the grazing angle reflection data, and the grazing angle ellipsometry data
  • Multi-Angle Differential Power Spectrak Density algorithm enabling measurament of index with a resolution as high as 0.00002, independent measurament of thickness and index, and independent measurament of TE and TM components of index. The mapping capability is also integrated in order to map optical proprieties across the wafer and from wafer to wafer.