INPHPOTEC offers among its capabilities the fabrication of Photonic Integrate circuits (PIC) on Lithium Niobate on Insulator (LNOI) wafers, a novel platform of great interest for advanced technological applications.

Building blocks available at INPHOTEC on this technology include:

  • Monomodal waveguides for a wavelength of 1550 nm with propagation loss < 3 dB/cm
  • Expanded waveguides with propagation loss <2 dB/cm
  • 1×2 and 2×2 Multi Mode Interferometer (MMI) with insertion loss < 1 dB
  • Vertical I/O coupling for single-mode optical fibers (SMF) through grating couplers with 5 dB insertion loss
  • Edge I/O coupling for tapered/lensed optical fibers
  • Metallization process and electro-optic modulators exploiting the Pockels effect